Stand-up set

4 minutes on laundry, salsa, aspartame & lying men

aka - the big stuff

Clips from Season 1 of

lucy knows Love

All twelve episode of this web series that

Susan stars in and co-wrote are

online at  YouTube

Susan's Acting Reel

  includes footage from

Orange is the New Black

(children NEVER listen)

Law & Order: SVU

(giving the NYPD some guff)  

and Doomsdays
(indie film currently in theaters & festivals worldwide)

​​​​Susan  Louise  O'Connor

Susan's comedy Reel

  includes footage from

Lucy Knows Love

(changing lives one mime at a time)


(hit web series about the war called dating)

Flying Scissors

 (about competitive rock, paper, scissor players),

and much much more....

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