​​​​Susan  Louise  O'Connor


    ongoing studies

  • Annie Grindlay Studios
  • CORE track at The Groundlings   
  • Storytelling class with Jessica Johnson   
  • Commercial classes with Killian McHugh  



recent developments in the

wonderful world of work

    coming soon  ​

  • Juicy role in The Misfits, an indie film directed by Richard Schenkman
  • Series regular role on a new tv pilot called Tight
  • World premiere of Tiffany Cascio's play Thanksgiving in the Hollywood Fringe 
  • Lead role in the short film 'Abigail & Libby', directed by Kelsey Nash
  • Creating a film project called 'Her & Him' with Christopher Frederick
  • Guest star role in the pilot 'Finding Johnny' by Artur Benson

     currently oN A SCREEN NEAR YOU 


    ARTISTIC HOMES                                          

  • We Make Movies  
  • Soaring Solo Workshop                                                    
  • Tuesdays @9pm    
  • Working Title LA
  • Actors Comedy Studio 
  • Character Channel 
  • Brimmer Street Theatre Company​
  • Smile-for-the-Camera sketch troupe