​​​​Susan  Louise  O'Connor

     wallflowers                                   God of Carnage                                                            AB*IE AWARDs

  Law & Order: SVU                      Blithe spirit on broadway                                                     Indie spirit awards 

         escape                                                                     The good counselor          Blithe Spirit opening night

“But it is Susan Louise O’Connor who really nails the character of Evelyn Laverty. O’Connor never lets us forget that this high school drop-out is really a young girl who ...“wants to have a normal life” and who longs to “be the mother her children deserve.  Her performance will break your heart."    NJ Arts Maven 

    Orange is the new black                                                           Bodega Bay                          theatre world awards

“Making a terrific impression is Broadway newcomer

Susan Louise O’Connor, who plays a maid and serves up laughs with every line.”     Daily News

“O'Connor is brilliant as the prim Annette, whom a couple of hits of fine old rum reduce to a very low common denominator. ”  Talkin’Broadway

“Off Broadway stalwart Susan Louise O’Connor registers every
speed bump, pothole and detour on her expressive face during her journey to self-discovery. Onstage almost the entire time,
O’Connor makes you feel every epiphany"  Time Out NY