Lucy Knows Love

LUCY KNOWS LOVE is a comedic web series following Lucy Saunders, a self-proclaimed dating expert

determined to help people find romance, whether they want it or not. 

There are twelve episodes of LUCY KNOWS LOVE all under three-minutes long and available for

your binge watching pleasure on YouTubeor by clicking on the screen below.

We start with Lucy premiering her new show in Dayton, Ohio followed

by her taking to the street of NYC to rustle up some fans. 

project beth

Denis wants to find his boyfriend's ex-girlfriend Beth, a boyfriend. 

Here are the four 2 min sketches that are PROJECT BETH, a series that

Susan created and co-wrote with Brian McManamon.

infinity and betsy

Check out INFINITY and BETSY, a web series Susan created with Suzy Henschel,

about a wannabe life coach & her possibly high neighbor. 

There are over one hundred 60 second videos available at,

with new episodes released daily.

Click below to watch twenty-five of INFINITY and BETSY'S 'greatest hits'. 

​​Susan  Louise  O'Connor